Build a Heritage Orchard at Rock Bottom Ranch

Imagine walking through an orchard, harvesting apples, pressing apples in the cider press and learning through an interactive experience. This holiday season, help us enhance ACES' environmental science education programs at Rock Bottom Ranch by building a Heritage Orchard. This Orchard will also allow us to preserve heritage varieties of apples, pears, cherries, apricots and other stone fruit from the Roaring Fork Valley.

You can donate via the Colorado Gives Day website on or before Tuesday, 12/04/18, or you can donate via our website using the link below!  

Giving Levels: Each donor to the Heritage Orchard will be honored by name at Rock Bottom Ranch. Thank you for considering being a part of this special project this year! 

Apple Seed | $50
Bud | $100
Sapling | $250
Pollinator | $500
Arborist | $1,000
Orchardist | $2,500
Golden Apple | $5,000

How much do we need to raise?
Our goal is to raise $25,000 during #GivingTuesday and Colorado Gives Day combined. $25,000 will allow us to plant 60 heritage trees, including the necessary irrigation, installation, protective fencing, mulch, pollinators and pruning we need to get the orchard growing!

What is a Heritage Orchard?
A heritage garden preserves heritage varieties of fruits native to their area, in our case the Roaring Fork Valley. One beautiful thing about our valley and our neighbors at Rock Bottom Ranch is the sense of community - we'll be sourcing and grafted from neighboring properties, as well as from the Heritage Fruit Tree Project nursery at Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI).

What will we plant?
We will be planting a diverse mix of heritage variety fruit trees. Possible of apple varieties include: Gold Rush, Sweet Sixteen, Novamac, Mutsu, Northern Spy, & Red Gravenstein apples. We are also looking at Glassier, Cole, and Hooks Spur pears, Perfection and Rival apricots, and Bing and Ranier cherries.

How is this educational?
The future production of fruit in this orchard will be used to enhance our educational programming in our school programs and community events. We have educational field programs at Rock Bottom Ranch almost daily during the school year, as well as daily science camps over the summer. For example, one of the programs that currently uses apples is our fourth grade renewable energy program. Students learn how about different energy types and converting chemical energy into mechanical energy.

If you would prefer to donate with a check, you may mail it to ACES at address below to the attention of our Development Director, Christy Mahon. Contact Christy Mahon, or 970.925.5756 with questions.