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ACES Bird Club

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Membership in ABC will take you further along your own personal birding journey. By connecting with other birders on a local level, ABC members can quickly share information on local and regional species such as rare bird sightings, migration patterns or new birding events. Being connected to other expert birders also allows members to easily seek assistance with finding a specific bird they want to see or to identify an unknown species.

Joining the ABC gives you immediate access to a network of friendly, passionate birders in the valley. You'll find folks that can help you solve identification puzzles, or give you directions to species you've long hoped to see. And you'll discover cool new ways to share your own birding experience and perspective.

As birders, we know how our own lives have been changed for the better by being exposed to the wonder of birds and the fellowship of birders. Membership in the ABC gives you targeted, effective way to support birding at ACES, as all ABC membership funds will directly fund our birding program.

There are THREE great ways to get involved with ABC!

1. Become an ACES Bird Club member at $250 level.
The ABC membership is designed for novice or experienced birders and includes:
•    Unlimited MORNING and EVENING birding with ACES for one year - we offer more than 25 birding outings throughout the year: weekly birding sessions June - September and monthly birding sessions October - May. Your membership is good for one year from the date you join. This membership pays for itself the more you bird with us! Each birding class costs $15 for any ACES member or $25 for non-members so the ABC membership gives you unlimited access to more than $400 worth of birding outings. Not to mention, your membership dues are specifically earmarked for the support and development of ACES birding programs.
•    Additional discounts for full-day birding excursions (eg. Birding on Independence Pass)
•    Discounts on binoculars, scopes, and other birding gear at The Fat Robin (ABC members: check out their website to learn about their merchandise then call Fat Robin directly (1-866-FAT-ROBIN • 1-866-328-7624) to receive the discount. Tell them you are an ACES ABC member).
•    You'll be first to know about additional ACES birding field trips during peak migration and breeding periods.

2. Come bird with ACES anytime - single classes or multiple class punch passes are available!
Join ACES naturalist and expert birder Rebecca Weiss to learn more about the birds in our valley:
•   Register for single ACES Birding classes by clicking here.
•   Buy an ABC punch pass - ACES members (at any level) can purchase a 5-class punch pass. The pass offers a savings of $5 per class, is transferable, and does not expire. Click here to buy a punch pass.

3. Join our e-mail list to stay in the loop about ABC!
Send us your contact information so we can keep you updated about the following:
•  Upcoming birding classes, field trips and events.
•  Special bird oriented programs like ACES Raptor Fair, the annual Christmas Bird Count, our holiday birdseed sale, and more. 
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