Jessica Catto Dialogue: Climate Change and Megafires in Our Backyard

Megafire by Chris Zoller / USFS

Join ACES at the Hotel Jerome for a Jessica Catto Dialogue on August 18 from 6-7pm. ACES’ Jessica Catto Dialogues honor the environmental legacy of Jessica Hobby Catto through a speaker series featuring visionary thinkers and doers from all realms of environmental concerns. The series is supported by the Catto Charitable Foundation in Jessica’s memory. Learn more about Jessica Catto Dialogues here.

Across the globe wildfires have become larger, more extreme, and more destructive. Higher temperatures caused by climate change are leading to drier forests and an intensified the fire cycle. At the same time communities in fire prone regions are growing at unprecedented rates; resulting in more structures and people in the path of wildfire. Join us for a conversation moderated by Jacqueline Buchanan, the Deputy Regional Forester of the Rocky Mountain Region with Dr. Jennifer Balch, University of Colorado Boulder and Dr. Stephen Pyne, author and emeritus professor from Arizona State University, to learn how wildfires are changing and what it means for our communities.​

Donor Circles members are invited to attend a special reception with the speaker prior to the event from 5-6pm! To become a Donor Circles member, click here.

*Note: The original date for this dialogue was Tuesday, August 2.

Photo by Chris Zoller / USFS


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