Goat Families and Inherited Traits, Apollo seeks a home

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Rock Bottom Ranch staff make regular visits to Basalt and Crystal River Elementary Schools, to teach our famous programs.  Currently, I contribute by designing fourth grade lessons.  Our education programs are designed to meet life and earth science curriculum standards, with a special focus on ecology and the environment.  Additionally, it has been a goal of mine to integrate our classroom programs more closely to the ranch and sustainable agriculture.  I have also wanted to bring more art and cartooning into our card, as those are areas in which I have special training, and effective teaching tools. My latest effort is the “goat families” lesson, which meets a fourth grade curriculum standard about genetics.  I will share the worksheet, which is the “assessment” for this lesson:    











Apollo, the star of this lesson, will be for sale at the upcoming Harvest Party (on October 22nd.)  He is an alpine goat, a wether, and was born in early May, 2011.  He is friendly and amicable, and would make a superb pack goat or pet.


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