Herdin' Pigs at RBR!

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As the summer winds down at Rock Bottom Ranch, the number of families traipsing through the ranch dwindles, fewer and fewer chickens dot the fields, and the prolific growth of the pastures slows. However, one animal on the farm is still gearing up, putting on muscle and growing larger by the day: our Large Black pigs.  To meet their insatiable demand for greens as the grass loses its tastiness, our forward-thinking farmers Amy and Caitlin planted turnips, sorghum, and nutritious legumes in our large growing field in the middle of the summer to be ready for some hungry hogs at the beginning of fall.   As a result of this creative plan (and a couple of days' work and truck fulls of chicken manure and straw), the pigs have ample fresh forage awaiting them.

Salad bar!


However, with all things farming, there was a challenge ahead: getting seven rambunctious pigs from one end of the farm to the other. Fortunately, this Thursday afternoon, with two educators just back from school and a friend visiting, we had a formidable crew of pig wranglers.  The pictures below tell the story better than I could...

FREEDOM!!  Amy, Caitlin, and Ross lead the charge out of the pasture.


We love teamwork at RBR.  Seven people, seven pigs.


Confusion in goat land! What is this pack of noisy animals invading our territory??


Ready and waiting for the pig's arrival: The Hogtel, complete with a king-sized straw bed, swimming pool, and shade for poolside lounging!


Pure joy at Rock BOTTOM.


The proud pig herders look on at their happy pigs.  What an accomplishment: healthy for the pigs, rejuvenating for the pasture, and tasty for future pig consumers-- yum!


Stay tuned for the next adventure at Rock Bottom Ranch!