Forest Forecasts

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Our forests are going to change within our lifetime. How much they will change is up to us.

In partnership with the University of Arizona, ACES has developed Forest Forecasts, an innovative tool that generates animated visuals of our future forests according to best- and worst-case climate scenarios.

The tool features a revolutionary inventory of forest assets, utilizing millions of species occurrence records, to show current and future distributions of 100 western tree species and create first-of-their-kind maps of forests in North America. When coupled with the most cutting-edge climate models, a high-resolution picture emerges of what our western forests are likely to look like in the future. Users can zoom into their hometown, local ski resorts, favorite backcountry escapes, and other treasured landscapes like Yosemite National Park to see how climate change will likely affect these areas. 

The option to view both best- and worst-case climate scenarios illustrates the critical choice humans are facing today, allowing people to envision how decisions made now will impact our forests and our lifestyles in the future. 

We have also been working with a 3D visualization platform and are producing movies illustrating how various communities will look as our forests change under different climate scenarios.

The website housing both the interactive portal and the results of our initial scientific analyses can be explored at

To read a press release about the Forest Forecasts click here.