The site of the Roaring Fork River Gauge.
An example of the photos of the Roaring Fork River taken at the gauge site.

Roaring Fork River Gauge

Real-time streamflow data and photos from the Roaring Fork River Gauge click here.

In November 2014 ACES, in partnership with the City of Aspen, installed a streamflow gauge on the Roaring Fork River. The gauge, which is located on the bridge connecting the old Powerhouse site with the John Denver Park in Aspen, records streamflow data every 20 minutes. Photos of the river are also taken three times per day at this site to accompany the data and tell a more complete story of what different flows look like. The streamflow data and photos are sent to a computer for storage and analysis. This project and the collected data supports several aspects of ACES’ forest health and science education programs. 

Most of the climatic, ecological, and socioeconomic datasets utilized by ACES’ Forest Health Index project are collected by outside agencies. The addition of this dataset generated by ACES will help tell the ecological story of our valley in a more complete fashion. The data may also be used by the general public and outside agencies to monitor flows in this critical stretch of the Roaring Fork that until this time has been unmonitored. For more information on why streamflow volume is important to our forests and local ecology click here.

The real-time data is also displayed at ACES at Hallam Lake, where over 25,000 people visit each year. Interpretive signs will be installed near the gauge in summer 2015 to educate visitors on issues impacting our local rivers and to direct people to this online data portal.