2017 State of the Forest Report


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The fourth edition of this annual report presents a magazine-style in-depth look at the health of our regional forests, examining trends in climatic variables and insect and disease infestations while delving deeper into the research, management, and policy issues informing local forest health.

We hope this publication will educate citizens, policy makers, federal, state, and local governments, and land managers to take action on forest health and conservation issues.

A Critical Resource
Many of us take for granted how important forests are to our survival and economic prosperity. Our forests provide a variety of ecosystem services critical to our well-being, from nutrient cycling, erosion control, and regulation of air and water quality to more overt services such as provision of raw materials, food, recreation, and aesthetic quality. In essence, forests provide an ecological foundation for plant, animal, and human lives. 

Our Forests in the Era of Climate Change
Nationally, forests have experienced unprecedented change in the past few decades in the form of tree mortality, insect and disease outbreaks, and larger and more intense wildfires. Here in the Roaring Fork Watershed, our forest is the engine that drives our tourism-based economy. More dramatic changes will likely take place as the climate change projected for the 21st century unfolds. Now is the time for a resurgence of action to protect the health and resiliency of our forests. 

A Step toward Forest Health
The State of the Forest Report provides readers with a full understanding of our valley’s forest ecosystem health. It examines trends in temperature, precipitation, fire, stream flow, air and water quality, diseases, drought stress and other such indicators through a lens of climate change variability. It also explains what citizens and land managers can do to be a part of the solution. 

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