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Melissa Coleman

New York Times bestselling author

"I believe refuges like ACES and Rock Bottom Ranch are especially important for children and adults in today's fast-paced media world. We all need a place to escape the constant distractions of technology, a place to get back in touch with the simpler rhythms of earth, water, plants, and animals. When we can find the peace to reconnect with our imaginations, we find the world inside us is every bit as interesting as the one around us, and we can revel in both."

Lorie & Larry DeMarcay

Visitors from Metairie, LA

"Thank you for all the fantastic programs you offer in Aspen and Snowmass. My family had the great pleasure of spending a few weeks in Snowmass this summer, and our experiences with ACES were without a doubt the most educational, enriching and inspirational of our stay. The Ice Age Hike was fantastic! My 6 and 8 year old girls had so much fun at Hallam Lake learning about eagles, hawks, owls and beavers. And we all had a great time down at Rock Bottom Ranch as well as on the hike on top of Aspen Mountain.
The girls can't wait to share all they have learned with their science teacher and friends at school. And as their mom and dad, we couldn't be more thrilled to see our girls so excited to learn about their environment and the plants and animals that they share it with. Thank you for starting our family on what we hope will be a life-long journey of environmental education and action."

Matthew Hamilton

Executive Director, Environment Foundation, Aspen Skiing Company
and RE-1 School Board President 

“I’ve had the great fortune to speak with Tomorrow’s Voices students on many occasions. I look forward to these opportunities because these students are exceptional in every way. Under the leadership of passionate teachers these students are pushed beyond the bounds of the everyday high school course and are willing to engage in deep conversation.”

Ariana Ionescu

Student at Johns Hopkins University and ACES volunteer

"Volunteering at ACES didn't feel like work at all. I think I had just as good a time during my time at ACES as the kids in the camp did. I looked forward to going to work each day, and felt like I was warmly welcomed into the ACES community as part of the family. Working at ACES was an invaluable growing experience for me, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys nature, children, and working with the kindest most flexible people."

John Maloy

Superintendent of Schools, Aspen School District

"The Aspen School District's long-standing relationship with ACES has allowed K-12 students to have experiences that foster the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be environmentally literate. ACES' programs provide students with the opportunity to analyze environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to sustain and improve the environment. As a result, Aspen students are more capable of weighing various sides of an issue to make informed and responsible decisions."

Gretchen Bleiler

Professional Snowboarder & ACES Trustee

"Aspen as a community celebrates the environment as a part of the education process, which is very rare and gives the kids here a unique upbringing. ACES adds another layer of understanding to what our surroundings have to offer us, and how we ultimately impact them with our actions, and they do it in a fun and engaging way. As a kid, I thought of ACES as a magical place and the lesons I learned there are what helepd me really appreciate and fall in love with the amazing Valley we live in."

Andre Wille

Aspen High School Science Teacher

"Each year ACES educators help to lead my high school Experiential Education trip. Our 2012 trip, 'Polar to Solar,' explored the high peaks of the Elk Range to the desert lowlands of Utah. Students learned about the ecology of these special places while practicing a 'leave no trace' ethic. The expertise provided by ACES was invaluable to providing a safe, thought provoking and memorable trip. It is experiences like these that help create the environmental leaders and stewards of the future."

Suzanne Wheeler Del Piccolo

Basalt Elementary School Principal

"I am thrilled that the students of Basalt Elementary will have Environmental Science class as a regular part of their school week. The hands-­on science learning that ACES provides helps students to understand complex concepts, build vocabulary, and increase environmental literacy in the early years of learning. Plus, ACES makes science fun, and in turn, students have increased enthusiasm for learning.”