THINKShed is a student-led design initiative that identifies and advances engineering, architecture, and business opportunities in the emerging backyard farming movement. 

THINKShed was founded in 2012 by Aspen High School students Michael Mondry, David Mondry, Sarah Chiles, and Matthew Ferguson, and is supported by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Jeffrey Berkus Architects.  

Alumni involvement supports the ongoing efforts of THINKShed. Click on the tabs to the left to learn more about THINKShed projects and meet the participants.

For information about joining the group contact David Mondry at

For more information about ACES' role in the program contact Eliza Greenman at

Participant Testimonials

  “I have always had an interest in advertising, marketing, and running a business. I have enjoyed the design and construction phase of THINKShed and am now enthusiastic to explore my interest in entrepreneurship by creating a business plan for our new product. I have loved the entire program and I am very excited to see the project continue to grow.” – Jack Chase, student
  “THINKShed is an amazing way to learn outside of the classroom. I love math and science, and the architecture and engineering in this project are great ways to apply these interests. Along with practicing something that I am passionate about, I have learned valuable life lessons, including the meaning of hard work. Seeing the final prototype made me realize just how far we have come from our original designs.” - Juliette Woodrow, alumni

“In THINKShed I am surrounded by innovative and hardworking individuals, who shared a common goal to create a sustainable product. I love the cooperative environment, where everyone’s ideas are considered, regardless of age or experience.” – William Reagan, student

 "ThinkShed was an incredible opportunity to take a project all the way through the design process, from need-finding to prototyping. Now studying Product Design at Stanford, I pull experiences and lessons from THINKShed in my everyday work. I recently joined the Stanford Tiny House project, and hope my ThinkShed skills will help carry us to a competition victory." - Michael Mondry, alumni