Sustainablility and Education Apprenticeship

The ACES Apprenticeship in Environmental Sustainability and Education is designed to introduce high school students to environmental science and education careers by apprenticing at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) during the summer. Drawing on the incredibly strong network of Roaring Fork Valley organizations focused on sustainability and environmental science, students are exposed to a wide range of local individuals and resources. In addition to several field site visits and presentations, students will also assist in teaching environmental education programs, read and discuss articles, write daily journal entries, and create a portfolio of work.

View a slideshow of previous apprentice years here and check out a few presentations and reflections on the program from previous apprentices below:

Sarah Springfield
Ashley Lin


Click here to read Ashley's essay and for a bibliography.

Madison Miller, Sasha Vermeil & Alex Vermeil
Apprenticeship Presentation 2016 - The Big Three
Lydia Hatfield

I’m slightly fanatical about the environment, so I went to the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies to spend five days assisting in “Wild Art,” a class with children in the age group of nine to twelve years old: young enough to be true nature enthusiasts without the politics, and old enough to hike up parts of the Rocky Mountains with their sketchbooks. I have never appreciated the childhood imagination like I did on those hikes. I spent the next week exploring hiking trails, rivers, and ACES' sustainable ranch. We talked about a variety of topics during our explorations, my favorites being Sustainable Agriculture and activism. Being an apprentice at ACES gave me an opportunity to see environmental education from both perspectives - as a student and a teacher.

Eliana Mallory

"The two weeks I spent at ACES was the highlight of my summer. It gave me the perfect glimpse of what working in the environmental field is like, as well as how important it is for young kids to be engaged with the outdoors. It gave me a good sense of which direction I would like to go if I ever wanted to pursue environmental science. Aspen is the perfect location for a program like this because there are so many opportunities to learn about wildlife, conservation initiatives, as well as the local ecology."

Nick Silva
Haley McAtee

Haley has spent her summers in Aspen for many years. She started at ACES as a camper and joined us this summer from her hometown of Greenwich, CT to take advantage of our Environmental Apprenticeship program. Haley's cumulating presentation shows her true passion, not only for ACES, but also for the natural world.

Check out her presentation here!