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A Successful Raptor Fair!

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On Friday July 5th, ACES hosted its first ever Raptor Fair. The event featured charismatic birds of prey including our resident Golden Eagle and Great Horned Owl, as well as visiting Screech Owl, Gyrfalcon, Harris Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, and Barbary Falcon. The visiting birds came with the raptor education organization, Nature’s Educators.

All of the animals featured in our 2013 Raptor Fair are non-releasable birds of prey, either due to injuries or human imprinting. These wild ambassadors are exceptional educators about their species and ecosystems. To support ACES Bird of Prey Program, please contact our Development Director, Christy Mahon, at

A huge thank you goes out to the many volunteers who helped make the event a success: Maggie Boustead, Ted Mahon, Ashley Hart, Ele Meyer, Judy Kravitz, Karen Woodard, Ryan Smalls, Heather Ryerson, and Mo Espinoza.

Here are a few highlights from the event. Visit this link for the full album. You can listen to coverage of the event by Aspen Public Radio here.

Red-tailed Hawk Barbary Falcon
Screech Owl Gyrfalcon
owl pellet dissection station Harris Hawk flight demonstration

  ~ Olivia Siegel, Community Outreach Director