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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders to Find Their Voice

Take one look at the news today and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the complex issues facing our society. Often, we choose to tackle these problems individually in order to find solutions, but - as noted by revered naturalist John Muir and shown throughout the field of ecology - “when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” 

The Nature of Wellness: ACES & Lead with Love

Perhaps the most radical action we can take today is the simple act of walking slowly through the wild world. 

ACES Ed Update | October 30, 2014

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November brings ACES Ed deeper into fall programming, as we work with students up and down the Roaring Fork Valley in our classroom and field science programs. We are looking forward to winter programs, including snow science programs on Aspen Mountain, winter adaptation studies at Hallam Lake, and launching our integrated Forest Health education curriculum in our in-classroom lessons.

ACES to Advise Colorado Department of Education

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ACES is proud to announce its participation in the first Colorado Environmental Education Leadership Council. This council, made up of regional sub-councils, will work with the Colorado Department of Education to consult and advise on methods to effectively implement the Colorado Environmental Education Plan (CEEP.) 

CAEE Teaching Outside the Box Conference

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As the seasons here in the Rocky Mountains were changing from winter to spring, the entire ACES Ed team had the wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve by attending the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education’s annual Teaching Outside the Box conference at Denver University.

Building a Brighter Future with ACES Ed

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The children of the Roaring Fork Valley give me hope for the future. As a recent transplant to the Roaring Fork Valley, and as a new member of the ACES community, I want to send out my appreciation to the youth of this amazing valley. My previous work and wanderings have allowed my family to travel and live around the world, from the temples of south India, to homesteading in Yosemite, to teaching English in the Sahara Desert.