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Studying the Roaring Fork Watershed with Aspen Elementary School 4th Grade

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You turn on the tap to wash your hands at Aspen Elementary School.  Where does that water come from?  It goes down the drain mixed with soap and dirt.  Where does it go?  How can we find out if the water in our local rivers, lakes, snow, plants, and soil is healthy and clean?

Roaring Fork Valley Phenology | December 6, 2013

The powerful winter storm that just passed through our area closed schools and made traveling difficult. The storm also slowed a young Common Loon Gavia immer pictured above. It must have quite a story of how it came to rest near Aspen Village earlier this week.

ACES Launches Rock Bottom Ranch Kitchen Campaign

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Fundraising campaign to support sustainable agriculture education.

Morning Birding Species List | December 3, 2013

Throughout the fall, winter and spring ACES offers monthly Morning Birding classes at our Hallam Lake site in Aspen. Class outings venture to local birding hotspots and the birds never fail to impress. Take a look at the below species list and notes from one of the recent classes and register today for upcoming birding classes!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Weather: overcast, 30% ice coverage on the lake
Locations: Hallam Lake and Hunter Creek Trail